How to behave if scammers call you

Almost all Russians have encountered suspicious calls. Modern carders buy some of the bank account data from special online stores. In «cvv shop» and «cc shop». Most often cvv dumps contains the card number, the name of its holder.
But this data is not always enough. If so, the attackers call the cardholders and try to find out the code from SMS, CVV on the back of the card, and other information.
If people claiming to be bank employees called you, it is better not to talk to them, but to call back the bank’s hotline number and figure out the situation. Most likely, it turns out that scammers called you.
Do not think that intruders behave noticeably and are easy to see through. Real professionals start a conversation from afar and try to mislead naive citizens. Considering that they bought almost all the necessary information in the cvv store, it is quite easy for them to introduce themselves as bank employees, because they have a lot of data at their disposal. Be carefull.

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