Where do carders get credit card information from?

Many Internet users know that the data of other people’s bank cards can be bought in the cvv store. Moreover, sometimes this information is received by an attacker even for free or very cheaply (free cvv shop). Where did carders get so much information about our bank cards? Where do they get it and how not to become a victim of swindlers?
Selection of passwords. You shouldn’t put the same passwords on different accounts. Especially if it is a password from a personal account on the bank’s website. If a database with passwords from a social network or mail gets into the network, then the attackers will simply pick up the password for the personal account.
Making copies of sites. Some users accidentally transfer their confidential data to scammers. This happens if you make a payment on a copy of the site. All information about the card is saved, after which it is used for personal gain.
Therefore, try to securely store your card information, do not pay it on unfamiliar and suspicious sites, set a limit on a one-time write-off of funds. These measures will increase the level of security of your banking products.

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