Who opposes the carders

Carding (carding cvv) is a fraudulent method that involves stealing money from someone else’s bank cards. The victims areThousands of people become illegal activities every year. At the same time, carders are increasingly emptying bank accounts and go unpunished.
Any bank today has a solid security service that, if necessary, can interact with the police. Online stores and delivery services also block dubious activity at the first suspicion and prevent fraudsters from buying something from someone else’s credit cards.
Despite all the measures, scammers find ways to bypass all the restrictions every time, cvv stores work to this day. Also, carders often work from other countries, so it can be difficult for the police to get on their trail.
Therefore, in the end, the responsibility is shifted to the shoulders of ordinary users. We need to take a responsible approach to maintaining the confidentiality of our data. You should not use the same passwords in several services, pay with a card on unfamiliar sites, or answer questionable calls.

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