Why carders are hard to find

The amount of funds stolen by carders is estimated at billions of rubles. Many people wonder why scammers can act with impunity for years, but on the Internet you can still buy cvv dumps, credit card dumps and use them for their own personal gain. It is quite difficult to calculate the carder for several reasons.
Most often, the victims of carders from the CIS are residents of the United States or Europe. In the cvv shop, scammers find their card details and buy goods for someone else’s money. It is very difficult to achieve well-coordinated work of the police, the security service of the bank and online stores in different countries. Carders are rarely put on the international wanted list; it is almost impossible to find their personal information.
Why? They do not risk their data, computers and information. Drops do all the dirty work. These people are involved in receiving purchased goods or cashing in stolen funds in any other way. Thanks to such a scheme, it is very difficult to get close to attackers.
Better to get a separate card for shopping on the Internet, set a limit on the maximum withdrawal amount on it.

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